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Brite N Bins
$15 for $30 voucher to Brite N Bins
Value $30
Discount 50%
Savings $15
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Deal ended at 23:59:00 on 09/16/2018
We at Brite N Bins have a new service to the Tri-City area to help combat disease and odor in your trash can! If you have a trash, lawn or recycling container that looks like this first picture it stands a good change to be harboring Listeria, Salmonella and E-coli! Food production is required to wash their trash cans daily but we the public handle our bins and rarely wash them! We have a way to fix that risk.

We at Brite N Bins are prepared to offer you 3 single bin cleaning a $35 dollar value, for the low price of $15 plus taxes of course, we will come to your residence, clean, sanitize and disinfect the inside and outside of your containers, and take the contaminated water with us for proper disposal.
With this offer we can either come clean one can three times or we can come one time, and clean all three of your containers!
We offer several ways to keep our service coming which can be discussed upon the cleaning if you would like.

Cleaning normally takes place the same day as trash pickup to avoid having to put your container out extra days during the week.
Thank you for your interest in this service. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Offer only good within the tri city region.
Applicable state and city taxes not included.

About Brite N Bins

A few years ago we discovered the filth in our waste containers and smell associated with that waste. We also noticed these containers were being kept in the garage next to the front door, and basically in living space, and set out to find a way to rid ourselves of the odor and disease associated with that. Fast forward two years and Brite N Bins was born to help you take back your garage and living space. Rid yourselves of the odor and of the fly attraction that trash has. We are here to Help. 308-380-3228

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